[Event Settings menu] How to create more event in Additional Settings

Additional Settings: You can create additional detail. For example, the number of ticket that customer can make a purchase, Create Event Tracking Analytics or Cancel event.

Ticket Limit & Display Options

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  – Tickets limit for each user: the number of ticket that customer can make a purchase
  – Tickets limit for each order: the number of tickets that customer can make a purchase per order
  – Show remaining tickets: show the number of tickets left
  – Notify user when order expires

Age Restriction

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Age Restriction: you can specify attendee age for the event that limits age 20+
or you can specify attendee the date of birth by click  “Customize date”

Ticket Remarks

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Ticket Remarks: to fill Term & Conditions on E-Ticket

Cancel This Event

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You can cancel your event by click “Cancel This Event” If there is no anyone buys the ticket, It will cancel the event immediately. If there are customer bought the ticket already, the system will send the refund method to the customer by e-mail.

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