Can I Buy Ticket for Someone Else

If you have an account with Eventpop, it’s a yes!

Anyone can buy a ticket online for themselves and for someone else.

Simply enter the information as it appears on Passports of the attendee in Ticket section (in English).

Follow the steps below to purchase ticket for someone else:

1. Select your event, ticket type, and the amount of ticket and click ‘Buy Ticket’

Screen Shot 2559-03-18 at 14.49.30Step 1
2. In the information form section, ‘uncheck’ the ‘Use Ticket Buyer’s Information’ and fill in the information correctly (First name, Last name, Email, Mobile phone number) of the person you are buying the ticket for.

Step 2


3. Select your delivery and payment methods and click “Confirm”. After completing your order, e-ticket or Order Confirmation document will be sent to the email of the person you are buying the ticket for. They can enter the event by showing the QR code either by printing or downloading the PDF  and show from their mobile devices.

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