How to Buy Ticket on Application

Please click here, if you have never signed up with Event Pop before. Follow these steps below to purchase tickets in Event Pop application:

  1. Open Event Pop application and select the event of your interest.
  2. Press ‘Get Tickets’IMG_8421
  3. Select your ticket type and the the amount of ticket.IMG_8422
  4. Press ‘Buy Tickets’ 
    Slack for iOS Upload-1.png
  5. You have 15 minutes to complete your purchase before your ticket goes back into the market for other customers.
  6. You can choose to receive your ticket by ‘Delivery’ or ‘Receive At Event’
    – Delivery: you will receive the ticket within 7 days from Kerry Express.
    – Receive At Event: on the event day, show your Order Confirmation document (sent to your email after completing the transaction) to receive your ticket.IMG_8424
  7. Select your payment method.IMG_8425
  8. After purchased you will receive an Order Confirmation document and or your e-ticket.

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