How to Pay By Bill Payment

Please follow these steps below:

  1. Go to Event Pop (or web page of the event organizer) and select the event of your interest.Screen Shot 2559-03-18 at 14.49.30
  2. Press “Buy Tickets” after select the amount and type of ticket that you want to buy.
    Screen Shot 2559-06-09 at 9.57.01 AM
  3. Ticket buyer all information is needed, please make sure you fill in this information correctly.
    Screen Shot 2559-06-08 at 4.55.12 PMScreen Shot 2559-06-08 at 4.56.58 PM

NOTE: Please check your information again. If you filled in wrong information; we will not be able to send you tickets.

4. How to receive your ticket: you can select “Delivery” or “Receive at Event”. (Shipping method depends on the organizer decision.)
Screen Shot 2559-06-09 at 10.16.57 AM

Screen Shot 2559-06-09 at 10.25.23 AM

5. Select “Bill Payment” to pay by bill with cash at our partner counters service within 4 hours (bill period can be changed, depends on the organizer decision).

Screen Shot 2559-06-10 at 11.34.59 AM6. Press “Confirm” and our system will send you the confirmation payment to your email. (on the document you will see the counters service logo at the bottom; you can pay for your order by bill via these channels)

Screen Shot 2559-06-10 at 11.40.53 AMThis is page for order confirmation
bill_payment_printExample for payment

7. Within 15 minutes after you paid for your order, you will receive an Order Confirmation document or your e-ticket in your email.

NOTE: If you selected to receive ticket at the event. Please bring your Order Confirmation document along with your passport in order to pick up your ticket.

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