How to Receive the Ticket by Delivery

There are some events that have physical ticket.

As the organizer policy, you can choose how would you like to receive your ticket.

1. Go to the event web page

Screen Shot 2560-12-11 at 12.56.52 PM
2. Select ticket type, the amount of ticket  and click “Buy Tickets”

Screen Shot 2560-12-11 at 12.56.19 PMThere are 15 minutes to fill in your information correctly.
Section 1: It will show the ticket type, the amount of ticket and amount of money that you have to pay.

Screen Shot 2560-12-11 at 12.55.46 PM

Section 2:  Select receive method to “Delivery” and you have to fill in your address details correctly as below:

** Please make sure the information is all correct to avoid any deliver mistakes.

Screen Shot 2560-12-11 at 2.12.12 PM

Section 3: Select your payment method.

Screen Shot 2560-12-11 at 12.55.23 PM

Section 4: It will show the amount of money that include service charges from bank issuer                                             or other bill payment fees. Then, click “Confirm”.

Screen Shot 2560-12-11 at 1.03.26 PM

The confirmation email will be sent to your email.


On the event day, you have to show the evidence below:

1. Physical ticket or Wristband (Depends on the event)
2. Passport (Actual Passport only)

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