How to Request for an Invoice, Tax Invoice and Quotation.

For a quotation, you have to contact directly to the organizer for the event.

  • Request for tax invoice – Two types of tax invoices
    • Tax invoice for ticket If you want the invoice for tax, please contact the organizer for the approval.
    • Tax invoice for service charge to download tax from Event Pop
      1.  Go to
      2.  Sign in with your account
        Screen Shot 2559-06-08 at 5.12.37 PM
      3.  Click”My Wallet” at the top right corner
        Screen Shot 2559-06-08 at 5.14.40 PM
      4.  Look for order invoice tax “More Detail
        Screen Shot 2559-06-08 at 17.17.39
      5.  Press “Print Receipt If you want to tax invoice summary
      6.  After purchased within 24 hours, you can print full tax invoice by clicking on “Request Full Tax InvoiceScreen Shot 2559-06-08 at 17.17.58

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