Lost Ticket Policy

The organizer is specified to support for lost ticket case.
You can look for all information of the support policy of the organizer
on their website or Facebook Fan Page.

You can send your request to get a replacement ticket by contacting Event Pop support
and provide your order number and your reason to these channels:
Call Center :  +66(0)62-5932224
E-mail          :  pop@eventpop.me
Line@          :  @eventpop
Facebook   :  m.me/eventpop
everyday at 10:00–18:00 Indochina Time (UTC +7).

Then, Event Pop support will coordinate with the event organizer. The organizer decision is final.

Please submit your request at least a week earlier of the event date,
if you submit after that, the organizer might not consider your request
and it will be void.

If the organizer decided to make a replacement ticket for you. Please contact Event Pop customer support before this event starts and prepare your information as below:

  1. Notice of police
  2. A photocopy of ID card
  3. Order Confirmation document

Event Pop can not approve for anyone who does not have these information and documents that needed.

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